Here are 5 of the most delicious cuts of beef

Here are 5 of the most delicious cuts of beef

South Africans are known for being meat lovers, and the country is famous for its top-quality beef, but many of us are unsure as to what will produce the most delicious result at the next shisa nyama.

To make the choice a little easier, here are five of the tastiest cuts of beef.

The club steak

Taken from the short loin, this is a thick cut that has less fat than the rib eye. When it is sold with a piece of the fillet included, it is known as a T-bone steak. This piece of meat is flavourful, yet not quite as tender as the fillet.

The top sirloin

This cut, which comes from the loin, is juicy and full of flavour. Ask the butcher for a thicker cut (around 5cm) to ensure it doesn’t dry out on the grill.

The top sirloin cap

Not so easy to come by pre-packaged, you will have to ask your butcher about this cut. It comes from the triangular-shaped muscle that is located just above the top sirloin. This lean cut has bold flavour, and tastes great when seasoned with a dry rub, or when marinated.

The rib eye

The most flavourful cut of all, the rib eye is a favourite among steak lovers. As the name suggests, the rib eye comes from the rib. It has plenty of marbling, and this high fat content makes for a lip-smacking piece of meat.

The fillet 

Also known as the tenderloin, this is the softest piece of beef you’ll come across. Taken from the loin of the beef, this cut is located next to the backbone, beneath the ribs. The fillet is lean, and will appeal to those who prefer less fat content in their meat.

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