Here are 5 top grocery-shopping tips

Grocery shopping is part and parcel of maintaining a household, but most of us
will admit that the process can be rather tedious. However, there are ways to
make grocery shopping an absolute pleasure.

Here are 5 top grocery-shopping tips to elevate your next trip to the store.

1. Always make a list

It goes without saying, but failing to plan is planning to fail when it comes to
grocery shopping. Always head to your favourite retailer with a list, and you’ll
ensure you stick to your budget and don’t buy anything that you don’t really

2. Buy what’s in season

Doing a bit of research in terms of the fresh produce that’s in season at any given
time is particularly useful if you’re looking to save a bit of cash. Even if they are
available on the shelf, fruits and vegetables that are out of season will be more
expensive. In a country with a climate that lends itself to superior quality fresh
produce, you can be sure that the fruits and veg that are in season will tickle your

3. Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but try to avoid going grocery
shopping on an empty stomach. If we head to the shops when we’re hungry, we
tend to buy too much stuff, and all that surplus food inevitably spoils before we
can finish it. When we’re hungry, we also find it more difficult to concentrate,
meaning there’s a greater chance we’ll overspend on unhealthy food items.

4. Grab refrigerated items last

If you want your groceries to stay fresher for longer, head to the refrigerated
section when you’ve done all your other shopping. Doing this ensures that frozen
items don’t defrost before you even get home.

5. Sign up for loyalty programmes

Most big retailers now offer membership programmes and loyalty cards that
make shoppers eligible for discounts. Don’t underestimate the value of signing
up for a programme like this: it’ll help to save a bit of money, and, ultimately,
every bit helps to stretch your budget.

Hazeldean Square is home to Pick n Pay (shop 12) and Woolworths Food (shop
22 – 26), which are both among South Africa’s favourite grocery stores. Visit PnP
and Woolies at Hazeldean Square the next time you head out to do your grocery
shopping with all these great tips in tow.