Hungry? Hazeldean Square’s restaurants are the cream of the crop.

Hazeldean Square is a premier shopping destination for the residents of Pretoria East, and aside from a wide-ranging retail offering, also has plenty of restaurants and eateries for hungry shoppers to recharge after ticking everything off of their grocery lists.

You’ll be amazed at the variety of dining experiences that Hazeldean Square offers – check out these great feasting options.


If you’re in the mood for something spicy, look no further than Tranna at Hazeldean Square. Offering a wide array of curry cuisines and Punjabi dishes, Tranna lets you choose between mild, medium and hot when placing your order, and all dishes are halaal.

Find Tranna at shop 1, or call 012 809 1952 to place your order.

Senhor Peri Peri

Portuguese cuisine at its finest is what’s on the menu at Senhor Peri Peri Hazeldean Square. This restaurant is famous for its signature peri peri chicken, but you’ll find enough Portuguese-inspired delicious dishes to satisfy any appetite.

Find Senhor Peri Peri at shop 21A, or call 012 817 2092 to place your order.


Smashburgers, shoestring fries, delectable thick milkshakes... You’ll find all of this and more when you visit Rocomamas at Hazeldean Square. Swing by for a smash before you go and rest your weary bones after shopping.

Find Rocomamas at shop 40, or call 012 996 3039 to place your order.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut believes that pizza isn’t simply sustenance – it’s powerful, transformative, and a thing to be loved. Pizza Hut has a wide range of taste options to choose from, and the 1-metre Chesanyama Braai Pizza is something to behold and enjoy if you’re looking to feed a host of guests.

Find Pizza Hut at shop 5, or call 010 060 0602 to place your order.

Kung Fu Kitchen

The characteristic bold flavours associated with Asian cuisine will surprise and delight you when you get a bite to eat from Kung Fu Kitchen at Hazeldean Square. Enjoy Chinese and Japanese dishes, including sweet and sour mains, sushi and spring rolls, among many others.   

Find Kung Fu Kitchen at shop 21B, or call 012 809 0472 to place your order.

Doppio Zero

What started out as a bakery and al fresco café has blossomed into what has become one of the country’s best-loved Mediterranean eateries. Choose between pizza, pasta, burgers, tapas and various vegan options – the menu has something to suit just about every palate – or try Doppio Zero’s delicious offering of baked goods.

Find Doppio Zero at shop 42, or call 012 809 1149 to place your order.


Finger-licking goodness awaits when you opt for tried and trusted Kentucky Fried Chicken. Anchored by Colonel Sanders’ decades-old recipe with 11 herbs and spices, you know exactly what you’re getting when you visit KFC at Hazeldean Square.

Find KFC at shop 45, or call 012 443 4037 to place your order.