These are the most popular sweets around the world

Look, we won’t sugarcoat our feelings – we absolutely love sweets! Sweet confections are revered all over the world, and it would seem that very nation has a sweet tooth. While the most popular candy can differ widely, it would seem that nobody says “no, thank you” to chocolates.

Here are the most popular sweets around the world.

Brazil: Lacta Bubbly

This chocolate is reminiscent of our own Aero bars, and features aerated bubbles. Lacta has been the most popular candy brand in Brazil for the past century.

Canada: Kit Kat

Canadians are well known for being laidback, so it should come as no surprise that this country’s favourite candy is the one that invites us to “have a break”.

Egypt: Chiclets

While it’s technically probably not a sweet if you don’t swallow it, Chiclets gum sells more than any other sweet product in the land of the pyramids.

Germany: Milka

Also the preferred choice in five other European countries, Milka is the most popular chocolate bar and candy in Germany.

Saudi Arabia: Galaxy

Another chocolate bar takes the top spot in Saudi Arabia. This milk chocolate also goes by another name, and is the most popular candy in...

China: Dove

Not to be confused with the popular beauty soap, Dove is the Far East’s equivalent to the Middle East’s Galaxy.

Australia, India, the UK and Ireland: Cadbury Dairy Milk

The classic chocolate bar with the characteristic glass-and-a-half of milk on the purple packaging is one of the best-loved sweets in a number of countries.

South Africa: Cadbury Lunch Bar

According to a 2016 survey, this chocolate bar with nougat, biscuit, peanuts, caramel and puffed rice comes out as the top choice among locals.

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