Wake up and smell the coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee: 7 interesting facts about the world’s favourite hot beverage

Did you have your cup of Joe this morning? If so, you’ve had one of the 2.25 billion cups drunk all over the world every day. Certainly the world’s most loved hot beverage, coffee has a long history, starting in approximately 800 A.D.

Here are a few interesting facts about the endearing caffeinated drink.

  1. Coffee “beans” are actually the seeds of a fruit

Coffee beans are the seeds of the berries that grow on the coffee plant. They were only called “beans” due to their appearance, which resembles the look of legumes.

  1. It was discovered thanks to giddy goats

According to legend, a herder in 9th-century Ethiopia noticed goats that had eaten the fruit of the coffee plant were “dancing”, highly energised and didn’t sleep at night. The herder shared the news with local monks, who were the first to dry and boil the berries to make the very first cup of coffee.

  1. Coffee was initially used as a prayer aid

Upon discovering the energising effects of coffee, the drink was employed by monks as a way to stay awake and focused during prayers.

  1. Coffee is the world’s second-largest traded commodity

Second only to crude oil, coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world. The global coffee trade is estimated to be worth roughly $100 billion.

  1. Coffee can be divided into two main categories

Two categories of coffee dominate the market: Arabica is more widely cultivated, and has a delicate flavour and lower acidity, whilst Robusta is known for its higher caffeine content, higher acidity and harsher flavour.

  1. Coffee grounds are great for your skin

The grounds left behind after brewing a cup of coffee can be used as a very effective skin exfoliant, helping to make the skin look smoother and brighter.

  1. Coffee waste can be used as biofuel

Scientists have figured out a way to turn the oil from waste ground coffee into biodiesel.

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