What is EMS training?

EMS training has garnered a lot of interest over the past few years – among fitness buffs, as well as people who aren’t particularly interested in exercise, but want to improve their overall strength. But what exactly does this high-tech method of training involve, and who can make use of it?

The abbreviation EMS is short for electrical muscle stimulation or electromyostumulation. When undertaken at an EMS studio, a single EMS training session is considered a whole-body workout, as EMS devices are attached to all the major muscle groups. 

What makes EMS training different from traditional workouts is that the EMS device doesn’t only target the main muscle groups, but also stimulates underlying muscles. Whereas normal training only stimulates the fast twitch muscles, the contraction time and the intensity of contractions during an EMS training session are comparable to several hours of strength training in a gym – this, despite a typical EMS training session only lasting 20 minutes. 

During an EMS training session, wearable EMS devices are attached to the body: this usually includes straps for the legs and arms, a glute belt and an electrode vest. Static and dynamic exercises are incorporated in a typical 20-minute session, and thanks to this targeted approach, EMS training need only be done once a week.

EMS training is time-efficient, safe, and gentle on the joints, and can be done by just about anyone, which makes it an excellent rehabilitation tool for people who are recovering from an injury. While it is as efficient for the elderly as it is for teens, EMS training should not be done by people who have a pacemaker, are pregnant, or suffer from certain conditions. Speak to your doctor if you have cancer, a cardiovascular, neurological or tumour-related disease, as well as epilepsy or diabetes. 

However, if you are healthy and able to work out, EMS training is a great way to expand your exercise regime to include highly targeted and efficient muscle-building training.

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