You have to get your hands on these nail trends in 2022

Well manicured nails and hands don’t only make you look groomed, but also help to give you a boost of confidence on any day of the week.

If you’ve been wondering what social media has predicted in terms of nail trends this year, wonder no more!

Here are five nail trends to look out for in 2022.

Something blue

Pantone’s standout colours for New York Fashion Week included four shades of blue in the list of 10, sending a clear message that blue is a colour that we’ll see all around us in 2022 – also on our nails.

Very Peri

Very Peri was named Pantone’s colour of the year for 2022, and this shade of lilac, along with many others, are starting to make to make their mark on the hands of fashion-conscious consumers.


Think of these as landscapes for the nails. This nature-inspired trend includes galaxy nail art, ocean nails, geode nails, desert nails and aurora nails.

Nails shaped like coffins

Perhaps it’s a remnant of 2021’s coffin dance trend, but coffin-shaped nails are to die for in 2022.

Rainbow and sparkle tips

This fresh take on the classic French manicure is simple, yet fun.

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